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At Burncrete, we are proud to serve clients across the African continent. We have an extensive network of distributors and agents that allows us to provide world-class lifting, rigging, lashing, and pulling solutions to clients in various industries. From mining and construction to transportation and agriculture, our products are trusted by professionals who demand the best. Browse our website to learn more about our products and services, or contact us to find a distributor near you.

The Haru Fall Arrestor provides continuous protection against falls. Whether you’re inspecting structures, performing maintenance, or working in confined spaces, it ensures safety by minimizing the risk of accidental falls. This fall arrestor automatically extends and retracts, allowing freedom of movement while maintaining safety. When you need it, it’s there; when you don’t, it retracts to prevent hindrance.  Each Haru Fall Arrestor unit includes anchorage and extension ropes. These components play a crucial role in securing the lifeline and ensuring its effectiveness.  Haru Fall Arrestors are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 factory and are CE approved. They have a maximum safe capacity of 150 kg.

Round slings and endless slings are both used for lifting, but they have distinct characteristics and applications. Round slings are more flexible and suitable for delicate loads, while endless slings offer higher load-bearing capacity and durability. Endless round slings are the most basic and versatile type of round slings, made of a load-bearing core and protective jacket. The protective jacket provides a layer of protection over the core polyester loops, and the abrasion will not reduce capacity. The design of endless type is to extend its working life, because the point of contact can rotate with each use, and thus reduce continuously pressure over one fixed point.

The Tiger TCB is manufactured from the highest quality steel materials offering a lightweight, compact and rugged construction, producing an exceptionally strong product resistant to impact damage.  The especially low headroom allows for easy installation in the most restricted environments. 

These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157: 2004+A1:2009, ANSI/ASME B30.16, AS 1418.2 and SANS 1594.

PVC coated steel wire rope is a versatile and durable material widely used in the construction and decoration industry. It consists of high-quality steel wire rope coated with PVC, providing enhanced protection against corrosion, abrasion, and harsh weather conditions. The key advantages of PVC coated steel wire rope include excellent flexibility, strength, and visibility. It’s suitable for applications such as lifting, rigging, towing, and fencing. In construction, it’s used for suspending lighting fixtures, safety barriers, and handrails. 

A wire rope sling is a flexible and durable device used to lift and move heavy loads. It consists of a length of wire rope that is secured at each end to form a loop. The wire rope is made up of multiple strands of steel wire that are twisted together to form a strong and flexible cable. These slings are commonly used in construction, rigging, and material handling applications due to their strength, reliability, and versatility. When selecting a wire rope sling, factors such as construction, diameter, and eye size play a crucial role in determining its suitability for specific lifting operations. Proper use, care, and regular inspection are essential to ensure safety and extend the service life of wire rope slings.

Plate Grabs: Grip and carry steel plates in a vertical position, both in single and multiple clamp configurations. They are used for safe lifting and moving of mild steel metal plates and similar sheeting only, avoiding hardened steel materials. Maxigrab Plate Grabs are ideal for manufacturing and industrial settings. When used with a crane hook, the plate grab’s cam and jaw mechanism lock the plate in place. Generally used in pairs and in conjunction with a spreader beam for lifting and transferring loads, especially important for long materials prone to sagging or flexing. They are also suitable for transporting steel constructions and profiles. Capacities range from 1 ton to 8 tons. 

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